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"One day,
when times are dark and gloomy,
and you cry and are afraid for wife and children,
then he will come,
the Redeemer,
and will destroy the king,
who had neared,
more and more,
the unmitigated evil,
to kill all dreamers."

That’s the prophecy.

And this is the story of Anthony, the little robot wizard, who,

chosen by fate, is supposed to making this true not only in this world.

But to cope with, fortunally, he's not on his own because there's

the bear-strong Broms, the little Sims

(who are not only able to change their hairstyle so perfectly)

the incredibly wise Ramshin, and their all servant Glomp.
Not to forget, Mathilda, and the Tree!
And who is lucky to call all of them his friends, that's promised,

must not be afraid of the future.

A modern fairytale for everyone forever young in spirit.

But also for all of all us who are believers in the power of friendship,

and that a soul is always beautiful, never mind in which chest she is loving and living.

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Reprint scheduled 2022

Non Illustrated Edition


300 pages


<103.000 Words>

Illustrated Edition


400 pages

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The complete first Book of:

"Anthony Noll and the Golden Index Finger" 

(when little Robots dream)